Overcoming Motivational Lows For Leaders

Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.
5 min readDec 4, 2023

Moving Through The Inevitable To Continue To Succeed

We all hit Motivational Lows in Life.

It is inevitable.

Even if you love what you do!

Even if you are amazing at what you do!

Even if you can consistently get into Flow States!

Eventually, you will hit a point where your Motivation is lacking.

I am feeling it right now.

Why do some people still Succeed at high levels without Motivation, while others drop and lose everything?

Well, a lot of it has to do with understanding Psychophysiology.

The Why

Let’s first look at “why” we feel low Motivation.

The top reason we lack Motivation actually has nothing to do with the work itself!

Again, you can lose Motivation on things you love and are great at, even if they often put you into Flow States where you do your best and feel your best!

If the lack of Motivation doesn’t have anything to do with the work directly, then what is causing it?


More accurately, it comes from a lack of Magnesium Adenosine Triphosphate (Mg-ATP), aka what our body uses from fuel.

It is quite simple really.

If you lack enough Fuel, you won’t feel Motivated.

Your level of Mg-ATP will directly impact how Motivated you feel.

In our world today, there are a plethora of reasons we are low in Mg-ATP.

Bad Nutrition and Farming Practices are very relevant, but there is another more work-related reason.


When we undergo Dis-Stress, our bodies create more exhaust, called Oxidative Stress.

Another way to think about this is to call it Stress Damage!

The more Dis-Stress we feel, the more Oxidative Stress/Stress Damage is created.

The more Oxidative Stress we have in our bodies, the more Dis-Stress we feel.



Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.

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