Aerospace And Airline Organizations Designing A Regenerative Legacy

Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.
8 min readNov 29, 2023

How NASA, JAXA, And Virgin Atlantic Are Creating Regenerative Solutions To Major Problems AND Where They Can Still Grow

Leaders who are Exemplars who Design Regenerative Legacies will become the Legendary Leaders of tomorrow.

But are there any examples of Organizations that are making efforts toward this end?

Well, I recently read 2 articles that showed some interesting promise.

I also wasn’t expecting to see these types of advancements in these specific Industries!

Specifically, I was looking at the Aerospace Industry and the Airline Industry.

Let’s dive into what these organizations are working on, and what they can still do to truly accomplish a Regenerative Legacy.

Airline Fuel

Let’s start with Aviation.

Like most transportation, we know that Fossil Fuels are not a sustainable resource for fuel, and many Industries are working to fix this challenge.

However, Virgin Atlantic has recently tested a type of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) that I would never have expected.

They created a fat-based biofuel with a bit of plant-based “synthetic aromatic kerosene” (aromatics are apparently necessary for current planes to function).

There was a Transatlantic flight that was accomplished using 100% of this fuel!

This fuel emitted 70% less carbon than petroleum-based jet fuels as well!

Considering the industry does not have any technologies allowing planes to run on electric batteries, liquid hydrogen, or any other type of fuel source at this time, this is a huge and immediate win for the Industry!

Space Satellites And Exploration

Next, we can go into Space!

Actually, quite literally there seems to be a growing desire for people to go into Space!

However, there is a big challenge that has been preventing many organizations from accomplishing this goal.



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